brand ambassadors

who are Simpol brand ambassadors?

Brand Ambassadors are here to represent and raise awareness for the Simpol brand. The key element of brand ambassadors is the ability to use promotional strategies to strengthen the user base as well as introduce Simpol to various venues.

what is our goal?

Grow the Simpol community. We are a growing product and are looking to work with venues that care about their customer’s experience. As an ambassador you will learn how to communicate and build relationships with venues in your area.

do we get paid?

Yes! Being a Brand Ambassador means that you receive commission off every successful relationship gained with a venue. Depending on the size of the venue you will be paid a fixed amount. If you are an influencer, then you will be paid per social reach.

are there any qualifications?

We are looking for motivated people who are first interested in and believe in the product and second, want to be one of the first people to help grow an up and coming app. All that we require for the position is that you are 21+ years old, thrive in communication skills, and something else.

how do i apply?

We can't wait for you to start working with us! Please email us your name, contact info, and where you're located. We also want you to suggest a few bars you think Simpol could work in as well as why you want to work with us. We review all applications and will reach out to you within 24 hours. All applications can be sent to


have any more questions?

Feel free to email us at