We know people ask questions and we made a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to the one you're asking, please email us directly at hello@simpolapp.com

As a user

How much does it cost to use the app?

The app is free to download! There is a small processing fee for each successful transaction.

Will I be notified when my order is ready? What if I don’t see the notification?

You will be notified twice; first when the order is being made and second when the order is ready for pickup. If you fail to pick up your order we will remind you once before removing the order.

How can I assure that my payment information is safe and secure?

All payment information is stored with the online payment processing company Stripe. Stripe handles payments for over 100,000 companies so we can assure your information is in good hands.

What if my order is not correct?

Please notify the bartender who processes your order.

What if I forget to pick up my order?

If after you are reminded twice by the bartender the order will be removed and you will still be charged for your order.

Is there a limit to how many drinks I can order at a time?

In order to be efficient and to allow everyone equal access we limited each order to 2 drinks.

What if someone else picks up an order that I paid for?

Each order has a specific order number that matches the one on your phone so only you can pick it up.

How does Simpol know that users are of the legal drinking age?

It is the responsibility of the venue to make sure all customers are of the legal drinking age. Although upon making an account with Simpol, all customers must agree to our terms of service which enforces that all users must be of the legal drinking age to use our application.

Don’t see your question above?

Feel free to contact us at: hello@simpolapp.com

As a venue

Does Simpol work with our POS system?

Yes! Simpol integrates directly with your current POS system. This means your menu, finances, and updates will still come through one location.

Does Simpol track inventory, sales, and other venue statistics?

Because Simpol integrates directly with your POS system, you will receive all of your information the same way you do now so everything will remain in one location.

Teaching bartenders is difficult to begin with. Will this help?

We've done a lot of research to make sure this app is easy to use. Plus, new bartenders won't have to learn how to input orders into your current POS system because Simpol transfers all of that information automatically. They also don't have to deal with credit cards or tabs because customers pay for everything and tip on their phone. For experienced bartenders, all they have to do is learn the app.

How do bartenders receive their tips?

We understand every bar handles tips differently, which is why we give you the reins to divide tips according to your policies. The app has all the metrics you need to confidently tip your bartenders appropriately, and even divides tips for you depending on how many bartenders are working.

How much does Simpol cost for our venue?

Simpol is free to install with the Free Trial, plus you get an iPad! After your trial is up, we do charge a small monthly fee, however we will beat your current processing fee, guaranteed. How does 1.9% sound?

How and when will our payments be sent to us?

Payments will be sent to venues within 24 hours.

Will we need to have a designated area for picking up drinks?

This is up to the venue but we recommend having a designated pick up area to ensure maximum efficiency. We will work with you to ensure customers know where to go and what to do once they arrive.

What if there is a shortage of a liquor, beer, or other beverages?

Did a keg tap? Did you run out of Bulleit Bourbon? Simpol integrates with your menu and puts everything in your 'inventory'. From there, you can disable that beverage to remove it from the user's menu. Check it back on once you resupply.

How long will it take to implement Simpol into my venue?

Setting up is quick and easy and shouldn't take longer than an hour.

What if we don't want to use our full menu?

We will provide you with your full menu, but we give you the freedom to customize it however you want. Some nights you might just want bottle service, while other nights can just be draft beer.

Can we promote drink specials?

We give you the oppourtunity to feature drinks and special prices so their easier to purchase on the user's interface.

Don’t see your question above?

Feel free to contact us at: hello@simpolapp.com